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I made this picture ironically but now I like it.

My name’s Sam and I’m a 23-year-old PhD student in London, working on String Theory. I like to campaign too, on things like animal rights, anti-racism, anti-Capitalism, anti-imperialism, anti-war, anti-arms trade; for social justice. I focus a lot of energy on ending the ghastly occupation in Palestine. I tend not to use the word activist because it’s a bit overblown, I just whine on the Internet and turn up at protests – and eat a lot of hummus.

I’ll mainly write about social justice-y things: commenting on news stories, reviewing events I’ve attended or books I’ve read, or reporting actions I’ve taken part in. From time-to-time I’ll write about Physics or Maths, but such posts take considerably more attention and effort, especially to make them comprehensible to the likes of you. I might let an odd post slip in about something completely unrelated like jazz or photography or my hitherto futile attempts to learn Arabic, which I understand at the level of a young and not particularly intelligent toddler (and my diction is far worse). As a British man who at-the-moment is under no obligation to do anything that could reasonably called “work”, I’m clearly one of the top 0.1% over-privileged people in the world so I’ll try to keep it in check when I write.

Hopefully this blog is interesting, or at least useful. If not then maybe it will be amusing. At least, to me when I write it.


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